Women inPower Fellows receive access to a series of exclusive programs throughout 2017.  We ask that Fellows attend one core event per month.  Below are the programs we have in the works for 2017.  Please note – these dates and events are subject to change.

If you are interested in hosting a Women inPower event, please email us at info@womeninpower.org.

2017 Women inPower Fellowship Agenda

January 17, 2017  |  Sallie Krawcheck in Conversation  |  92nd Street Y    

Sallie Krawcheck is the cofounder and CEO of Ellevest, an innovative digital investment platform designed to help women reach their financial goals. She is also chair of Ellevate Network; a professional networking community whose mission is to advance women in business. She is one of the highest ranked women ever to have worked on Wall Street, having held posts such as CEO of Smith Barney, CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and CFO of Citigroup and was a top-ranked research analyst. In her first book, Own It, she draws on her unique experience to offer a fresh and contrarian outlook on navigating today’s business landscape, namely: Being a woman in the business world today isn’t a liability — it’s an asset. In the increasingly complex and connected world of tomorrow, she says, communication and collaboration will rule the day. By owning and investing in these qualities, women will have more power than ever. Join her for an inspiring discussion! Sallie Krawcheck will be signing copies of her book, Own It, after the event.  More info here. 

January 25, 2017  |  Opening Reception & Meet Your Mentor  |  Mic     MANDATORY

Meet the Class of 2017 Fellows and Mentors for the Opening Reception hosted at Mic. This event will provide the Fellows with the opportunity to meet their peers, to officially kick-off the program, and to begin the Mentor selection process.

February 13, 2017  | The Writing is On the Wall: Find the Leader in You, an experiential workshop  |  92nd Street Y   MANDATORY

Lisa Pertoso, founder of play-based education shop Follow the Fear and former director of Hyper Island, and Shana Dressler, former Executive Director of Google’s 30 Weeks, will facilitate a dynamic workshop that explores self-leadership, values, and goals to lay the groundwork for how the Fellows will collaborate through the Women inPower Fellowship. Lisa and Shana are learning designers who lead programs for business and creative leaders around communications, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

March 7, 2017  |Motherhood and Your Professional Identity: Career Planning Strategies for your Parenting Years  |  92nd Street Y    

Women face a number of challenges during their parenting years. The decision to stay home or continue working is not clear-cut. Whether a woman can “have it all” depends on her personal aspirations and values; the best way to design your own version of having it all is to be armed with information and develop the right plan for your career going forward.

March 16, 2017  |  “Are You an Inclusive Leader?” a Catalyst Workshop |  Catalyst     MANDATORY

Today, it is broadly accepted that workplace diversity is good for business, and a majority of top employers have invested heavily in diversity awareness and sensitivity training. Yet companies and firms still struggle to bring in diverse employees and leverage the full range of talent they already have.

This workshop explores the leading edge research on why employees, managers, and leaders make the choices they do, what the consequences are to the business, and how actions they can take to be intentional and inclusive in their leadership style will create an inclusive workplace with improved innovation and citizenship participation.

Building on Catalyst’s leading research on inclusive leadership, this interactive executive session guides senior leaders through lively discussion to:

1. Reflect on the deeply embedded stereotyping or unconscious biases within all of us, and learn why these biases are problematic for individuals and the organization.

2. Learn the traits of an inclusive leader that lead to greater innovation and citizenship in employees.

3. Identify specific actions and behaviors of inclusive, intentional leaders – what one can do to be an inclusive leader as well as to embed inclusive leadership behaviors into the leadership of the organization.

March 30, 2017  |  Imagining Men & Women: Anna Quindlen and Susan Faludi on Feminism and Invention |  92nd Street Y 

An evening of conversation about feminism, identity and the creative spirit with Pulitzer Prize winners Susan Faludi and Anna Quindlen. Anna Quindlen, the matron saint of a generation of women writers, is the beloved author of over twenty books, including eleven works of nonfiction, eight novels and two works for children. Her most recent novel, Miller’s Valley, was published in 2016. Susan Faludi, perhaps best known for her seminal work, Backlash, is the author of the new memoir, In the Darkroom, about her transgender father and the malleability and mystery of identity. This opening event in the “Imagining Men & Women” series, hosted by author Jennifer Finney Boylan, will include readings, a book signing and a lively discussion.  More info here.

April 25, 2017  |  Media Training Workshop with Sally Kohn |  Location TBD    MANDATORY

May 22, 2017  | Collaborate More Effectively Workshop|  Location TBD    MANDATORY

Do you know the “thinking preference” of your key stakeholders? How about your own? This interactive and fun training utilizes an assessment called the Neethling Brain Inventory (NBI), which gives participants key insights into how they, their colleagues, and their supervisor prefer to make decisions and communicate. Participants learn ways to adapt their approach in order to be more effective, avoid blind spots, and increase their capacity to innovate.The workshop will be led by Yaron Prywes, PhD.