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Women inPower Fellows receive access to a series of exclusive programs throughout 2016.  We ask that Fellows attend one core event per month.  Below are the programs we have in the works for 2016.  Please note – these dates and events are subject to change.

If you are interested in hosting a Women inPower event, please email us at

2016 Women inPower Fellowship Agenda

January 13, 2016  |  Workshop: Stop with the Sorry: How Better Communication Can Advance Your Career and Brand with Jennefer Witter  |  92nd Street Y

Whether you work for a big organization or run your own shop, effective communication is an essential tool in advancing your business and developing your personal brand. Women, especially, have unique needs in this area. Get nuts-and-bolts information on how you can become a stronger communicator and create a successful self-brand in the process.

January 21, 2016  |  Opening Reception & Meet Your Mentor  |  Ernst & Young     MANDATORY

Meet the Class of 2016 Fellows and Mentors for the Opening Reception hosted at Ernst & Young. This event will provide the 21 Fellows with the opportunity to meet their peers, to officially kick-off the program, and to begin the Mentor selection process.

February 4, 2016  |  Samantha Bee in Conversation at 92Y |  92nd Street Y

“Daily Show” fans, watch out: your favorite correspondent, Samantha Bee, is now bringing her side-splitting satire to her very own show on TBS, “Full Frontal.” And that’s not to mention the new scripted series she and her husband, Jason Jones, are creating for the channel — or her role in the upcoming Tina Fey/Amy Poehler flick Sisters. How did Bee go from Canadian sketch-comedy trouper to “Daily Show” personality to star in her own right? And what’s her hilarious take on the big issues driving us all crazy?

February 5, 2016  |  The Writing is On the Wall: Finding the Leader in You, a white boarding session and workshop with Hyper Island  |  30 Weeks     MANDATORY

Lisa Pertoso, Hyper Island Director of US Education Programs, and Shana Dressler, 30 Weeks Program Director will facilitate a dynamic workshop that explores self-leadership, values, and goals to lay the ground work for how the Fellows will collaborate through the Women inPower Fellowship. Hosted by our partners at 30 Weeks, this workshop will set the stage for the Fellowship.

Google’s 30 Weeks is a program that transforms designers into founders who are equipped with the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and tech know-how to create products and start impactful companies. Our learn-by-launching structure gives designers a chance to build their products in an environment that’s as close to the real thing as possible. The program is operated by Hyper Island, and supported by Google in partnership with Social of Visual Arts, Parsons, Pratt, The Cooper Union and the smartest minds in design, tech, business and venture capital. You can learn more about the program and who’s involved at

Hyper Island is a global school with business consulting services that enables individuals and organizations to see, understand and act upon the opportunities created by digital and technological evolution. Through collaboration, creativity and innovation, we empower people to adapt to a world in a constant change. Founded in 1996 in Sweden, our methodology is based on experiential learning guided by industry leaders.

February 8, 2016  |  7 pm  |  Find Your Courage, Find Your Voice, workshop with Allison Shapira  |  92nd Street Y    

Public speaking is about more than simply using effective hand gestures or staying on message.  At its very essence, public speaking is about connecting with what you are passionate about and finding the courage to speak your mind. It’s about exercising leadership with your voice. In this interactive session, “recovering” opera singer, TEDx speaker and Harvard lecturer Allison Shapira will show you how to give voice to your passion and purpose.

Allison Shapira is the president of Global Public Speaking LLC, a company that helps people give confident and authentic speeches and presentations.

To read more about the event, visit  Women inPower Fellows may receive complimentary tickets to this event.

March 1, 2016  |  6:30 – 8:30 pm  |  Changemaker Chat with Helene Gayle, CEO of McKinsey Social Initiative |  92nd Street Y

We are partnering with Changemaker Chats to host a conversation with one of Forbe’s 100 most powerful women — Helene Gayle.  Helene is the current CEO of McKinsey Social Initiative and is a former top executive at CARE USA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and in the Obama Administration.  Hear about Helene’s experience and ideas on leadership in this private chat with the Women inPower and Changemaker community.

To learn more and to RSVP, visit:

March 2, 2016  |  5 – 7 pm  |  “Are You an Inclusive Leader?” a Catalyst Workshop |  Catalyst     MANDATORY

Today, it is broadly accepted that workplace diversity is good for business, and a majority of top employers have invested heavily in diversity awareness and sensitivity training. Yet companies and firms still struggle to bring in diverse employees and leverage the full range of talent they already have.

This workshop explores the leading edge research on why employees, managers, and leaders make the choices they do, what the consequences are to the business, and how actions they can take to be intentional and inclusive in their leadership style will create an inclusive workplace with improved innovation and citizenship participation.

Building on Catalyst’s leading research on inclusive leadership, this interactive executive session guides senior leaders through lively discussion to:

1. Reflect on the deeply embedded stereotyping or unconscious biases within all of us, and learn why these biases are problematic for individuals and the organization.

2. Learn the traits of an inclusive leader that lead to greater innovation and citizenship in employees.

3. Identify specific actions and behaviors of inclusive, intentional leaders – what one can do to be an inclusive leader as well as to embed inclusive leadership behaviors into the leadership of the organization.

This workshop will be lead by Catalyst’s Executive Director and Women inPower Advisory Committee Member Deepali Bagati.

April 4, 2016  |  5 – 7 pm  |  Building Your Digital Brand Workshop with Morra Aarons-Mele  |  Mashable   MANDATORY

Morra Aarons-Mele is a Women inPower Advisory Committee Member and founder of Women Online and The Mission List. Morra will offer an exclusive workshop to help Women inPower Fellows develop their digital brand.  This workshop will be hosted by Mashable and will explore the tools and technology for you to find your voice on social media and beyond.

April 5, 2016  |  7:30 pm  |  Complimentary Tickets to Cameron Diaz in conversation with Rachael Ray  |  92nd Street Y   

When Cameron Diaz wrote The Body Book, she was on a mission to help educate young women about how their bodies function, empowering them to make better-informed choices about their health instead of heeding the advice of the latest headline or trend. So she interviewed doctors, scientists, nutritionists and a host of other experts, and then shared what she’d learned — and what she wished she’d known 20 years earlier — with young women everywhere in a comprehensive volume hailed as “smart,” “brimming with science” and “the real deal.”

Once again, Cameron is on a mission. But this time, she’s starting a conversation with her peers on a topic that that is virtually taboo in our society: the aging female body. In The Longevity Book, she will share everything she’s learned about the aging process from top medical experts and researchers, as well as her own thoughts, opinions and experiences on a topic that is as essential to our health as it is emotionally charged and culturally neglected. The Longevity Book will explore what history, biology, neuroscience and the women’s health movement can teach us about maintaining optimal health as we transition from our thirties to midlife. From how growing older impacts various bodily systems to the biological differences in the way aging effects men and women; the latest science on telomeres and slowing the rate of cognitive decline to how meditation heals us and why love, friendship and laughter matter for health. The Longevity Book will offer an all-encompassing, holistic look at how the female body ages — and what we can all do to age better. Without sugarcoating the hard facts (yes, a 60-year-old body is different than a 35-year- old body, no matter how much yoga you do) or romanticizing the upside (yes, wisdom comes with age — if you live your life wisely), Cameron offers women a compassionate, informative and intimate tour through the next volume of life.

To learn more, visit

April 13, 2016  |  9 – 10 am  |  CEO Conversation with Dina Powell, Goldman Sachs  |  92nd Street Y Art Gallery    MANDATORY

Dina Powell, Head of Goldman Sachs’ Impact Investing business and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, will speak with Women inPower Fellows about her experience and ideas for leadership.  As head of the Impact Investing business, Dina is responsible for the firm’s investments in housing and community development projects, deploying more than $4 billion in loans and equity investments to revitalize neighborhoods and support underserved communities across the United States. As president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, Dina oversees strategic programs to foster global economic growth and opportunity, including 10,000 Women, an initiative offering business and management education to women entrepreneurs around the world, and 10,000 Small Businesses, a program providing small business owners with access to capital, business education, and mentorship. Dina had a longstanding career in government before joining Goldman Sachs, serving as assistant secretary of state for Educational and Cultural Affairs and deputy undersecretary of Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy. Prior to being confirmed as assistant secretary, Dina served as a member of the senior staff of the White House as assistant to the president for Presidential Personnel. Dina serves on the boards of the Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative, the American University in Cairo, and the Center for Global Development. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Women inPower Fellows will be able to have breakfast and a private conversation with Dina about her experience.

May 3, 2016  |  6:30 – 9 pm  |  Private Conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter and Dov Seidman, followed by a 92Y Talk Anne-Marie Slaughter in Conversation with Dov Seidman: Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family  | 92Y

Women inPower Fellows are invited for a private reception starting at 6:30 pm, where they will have the opportunity to have a private conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter and Dov Seidman.  Fellows will also receive complimentary tickets to the Talk, which will follow the reception and begin at 7:30 pm.

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article for The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” created a firestorm — yet women at both ends of the income scale are still constrained by the “motherhood penalty.” Now she is back — with a new book, Unfinished Business — with a new focus that can reunite the women’s movement and provide a common banner under which both men and women can thrive. Dov Seidman, the successful entrepreneur and CEO, who promoted the idea that our behavior matters and prescribed a new, values-based approach to leadership and business in his book HOW, joins her in conversation.

For more information about the Talk, visit

May 172016  |  9 – 10 am  |  Moms inPower, a workshop with Dr. Gail Saltz  |  92nd Street Y Art Gallery

Being a parent and leading a business are both full time jobs.  Join 92Y and Dr. Gail Saltz to learn some of the tips and tricks to find success (and happiness!)  in the home and the office.

Gail is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at The New York Presbyterian Hospital, psychoanalyst with The New York Psychoanalytic Institute, columnist, bestselling author and television commentator including frequent contributing to the “Today Show,” CNN and MSNBC. She is the emotional wellness contributor to Health Magazine and, Chair the of 92Y 7 Days of Genius Advisory Committee and Consultant and Event Moderator for the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative.

June 16, 2016  |  7 – 9 pm  |  Play it Forward: A panel with Joan Barnes, Founder and former CEO of Gymboree, along with Peggy Northrup, Yvette Manessis-Corporon, Beth Feldman, Renee Sullivan, and Joy Rose

Join a dynamic panel of women influencers and entrepreneurs in a candid conversation about staying true to your ideals in business, motherhood and life, at this Gymboree Play & Music sponsored event.  More details are on

June 27, 2016  |  6 – 8 pm  |  Executive Presentation Training with Jane Hanson   MANDATORY

Jane Hanson is an Emmy award winning television journalist and coach. She has spent over 30 years helping people learn to communicate better and will share her tips and advice during this private training session with Women inPower Fellows.

August 3, 2016  |  Summer Social  |  Hosted by XO Group, Inc.    MANDATORY     

Join the Women inPower Fellows, Mentors, Advisors, and larger community to celebrate the summer. In addition, the Summer Social will open its doors for Fellows to bring a plus 1 and to introduce potential 2017 Fellows and partners to the program and community.

September 7, 2016  |  Equal Means Equal screening  |  Village East Cinema

Women inPower Mentors Jimmie Briggs invites Fellows to attend a screening of Equal Means Equal, a new documentary about gender equality and the ERA Amendment.

September 12, 2016  | Busting Bias with Adam Quinton  | Hosted by Cooley     MANDATORY

Are hidden assumptions, of others and indeed your own, holding you back from being the most successful leader you can be? Women inPower Mentor and CEO of Lucas Point Ventures, Adam Quinton, will lead this workshop and explore how unconscious bias may be effecting you in the workplace.

September 21, 2016  |  6 – 8:00 pm  | Developing Killer Confidence: A Driving Force for Fulfillment | Presented by Ellevate 

Join Ellevate and panelists Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black), Claudia Chan (S.H.E. Summit) and Julia Landauer (Champion Racecar Driver) and moderator, Mandy Antoniacci, in in a conversation about confidence and asserting yourself to get your just rewards.  More info here.

September 22, 2016  |  7 – 8:30 pm  |  We Are All Feminists Now with Michaela angela Davis, StaceyAnn Chin, Nicole Mason, Linda Sarsour and Rebecca Traister | 92nd Street Y

Join this dynamic panel of writers, speakers, poets and political activists for a fast-moving talk on issues ranging from leaning in to respectability politics to the future of feminism — and the power of storytelling to accelerate social change. To learn more, visit our website.

October 13, 2016  | Les Liaisons Dangereuses performance and reception for Fellows and Mentors

October 19, 2016  |  Power Networking Workshop with Jennefer Witter  | 92nd Street Y

Can your career or company be successful without networking? Yes. But will you thrive? No. How come? Receive nuts-and-bolts information from an expert on how to use networking as a business-building tool and learn about virtual networking — using social media platforms to reach the widest possible, yet strategically targeted, audiences. Leave with actionable items that you can immediately incorporate into your own networking efforts. Whether you are a corporate executive or entrepreneur, this event is for you.

November 21, 2016  |  Career Workshop with Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, OgilvyOne Worldwide  |  Location TBD  MANDATORY

Brian brings a fresh and authoritative view to both sides of the career equation. For the past 10 years he’s been the global CEO of a leading 5,000+ person digital marketing company, working with top brands such as IBM, American Express, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Unilever, and Nestlé. In this capacity he’s helped to start and develop the careers of thousands of individuals and observed the trajectories of people at all career stages. Over the past two decades Brian has also become a respected career mentor and thought leader. He has lectured on career strategy at institutions including Yale, Harvard, MIT Sloan MBA School, Columbia, and McGill.

December 2016  |  Closing Reception     MANDATORY

The Closing Reception will bring the 2016 Fellows, Mentors, and Advisors together to celebrate the year and to welcome the Class of 2017 Fellows.