At the last big Apple media event, I was left scratching my head. Executive after executive came out, presented a new product or upgrade, and emphasized how new and cool it was. But the leaders giving these presentations? The vast majority, not to put too fine a point on it, were old white guys. They may have been talking about the future, but they looked like the past. Given that Apple presents itself as a “cutting-edge” organization, sensitive to the needs of a diverse workforce, why is there only one woman on its executive management team?

Sadly, Apple isn’t an anomaly. Women only make up 14% of the top executive positions at Fortune 500 companies, despite the fact that they comprise 57% of the Unites States workforce, control 73% of consumer spending and 51% of US wealth, are better educated than men (on average holding 21% and 48% more undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively), and that women-led organizations out-perform men-led organizations in share price performance, price-to-book value ratios, and ROI performance.


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