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When Teamwork Doesn’t Work for Women

By JUSTIN WOLFERS JAN. 8, 2016, Originally published in The New York Times.   Economics remains a stubbornly male-dominated profession, a fact that members of the profession have struggled to understand. After all, if the marketplace of ideas is meant to ensure that the best ideas thrive, then this imbalance should arise only if men [...]

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The World Cup pay gap: What the U.S. and Japan didn’t win in the women’s soccer final

By Mary Pilon, published on POLITICO, 7/6/2015.   This is a Great American Sports Town and here it was that I watched the Women’s World Cup, taking place 3,500 kilometers away in Vancouver, Canada. By kickoff Sunday night, hundreds of soccer fans had poured in to Lincoln Park to gather around a mammoth screen to watch [...]

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We’re Working More Hours—and Watching More TV

By Ben Leubsdorf.  Published in The Wall Street Journal, June 25, 2015. Americans put in more hours at work last year. They also managed to find more time to sleep and watch television. For employed Americans, work took up an average of seven hours, 45 minutes per workday in 2014, up 10 minutes from 2013, according [...]

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When Family-Friendly Policies Backfire

By Claire Cain Miller.  Published in The New York Times on May 26, 2015. "In Chile, a law requires employers to provide working mothers with child care. One result? Women are paid less. In Spain, a policy to give parents of young children the right to work part-time has led to a decline in full-time, stable [...]

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