Peruvian Women Export Their Art as They Learn Their Rights

//Peruvian Women Export Their Art as They Learn Their Rights

Peruvian Women Export Their Art as They Learn Their Rights

By Alicia Villanueva Chavez on Sep 14, 2015 Female artisans in Peru have gained access to world markets to sell their crafts. They are also learning to demand their rights to find balance in their lives.  “When we began training we wanted only to embroider to earn money, but at each meeting something new to learn came up, an opportunity to know and get acquainted about women’s rights: health, family planning, self-esteem and worth. It was not only a course in weaving; it was a space to grow and strengthen ourselves.” (Emerenciana) Lifelong education is one of the human rights that we women demand. The Artisanal Woman’s House — La Casa de la Mujer Artesana — brings to the market work that has been created by Peruvian artisans and offers them a space to strengthen themselves and an opportunity to explore the techniques of weaving with experts: design, organization, leadership, commercial management as well as women’s rights to be full citizens with the power to enjoy life and love. To read the full article, visit Pass Blue’s website. Alicia is a 92Y Ford Motor Company International Fellow. The 92Y Ford Motor Company International Fellowship is a 92nd Street Y leadership program that was designed to enhance the efforts of emerging leaders in communities throughout the world.  To learn more about the Ford Fellows and their work around the world, visit
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